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Howard Hughes

Nur sechs Vertraute haben Zugang zu Howard Hughes. Jetzt erschüttert ein Skandal sein Dollarimperium: Der Milliardär, der ins Dunkel ging. Seite 2/3. Die imperfekte Heldenreise des Howard Hughes: Das bleibende Unheil der Urelemente in Martin Scorseses The Aviator (German Edition) [Küffner, Marina] on. Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. war ein US-amerikanischer Unternehmer. Er war der Haupterbe der Hughes Tool Company, Filmproduzent und Luftfahrtpionier.

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Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. war ein US-amerikanischer Unternehmer. Er war der Haupterbe der Hughes Tool Company, Filmproduzent und Luftfahrtpionier. Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (* Dezember in Humble oder Houston, beides Texas; † 5. April in einem Flugzeug über Texas) war ein. Aviator (englisch für Flieger) ist eine US-amerikanisch-deutsche Filmbiografie über den Flugpionier Howard Hughes (–) aus dem Jahr unter der​. Nur sechs Vertraute haben Zugang zu Howard Hughes. Jetzt erschüttert ein Skandal sein Dollarimperium: Der Milliardär, der ins Dunkel ging. Seite 2/3. Willensstarker Überflieger Howard Hughes: Flieger, Frauen, Fluchten. Seite 2 von 2: Gleichzeitig packt ihn das Leinwandfieber mehr und mehr: steigt er. seiner Ankunft, verschwand Howard Hughes aus Las Vegas. Der Milliardär wurde auf einer Trage von seinen Mormonen über eine Hintertreppe zu einem. Howard Hughes: Das wahre Gesicht der Macht | Drosnin, Michael | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch.

Howard Hughes

Howard Robard Hughes, Jr. (* Dezember in Humble oder Houston, beides Texas; † 5. April in einem Flugzeug über Texas) war ein. howard hughes katharine hepburn. Nur sechs Vertraute haben Zugang zu Howard Hughes. Jetzt erschüttert ein Skandal sein Dollarimperium: Der Milliardär, der ins Dunkel ging. Seite 2/3. Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness: Barlett, Donald L., Steele, James B.: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Die imperfekte Heldenreise des Howard Hughes: Das bleibende Unheil der Urelemente in Martin Scorseses The Aviator (German Edition) [Küffner, Marina] on. Howard Hughes wurde am Dezember in Houston, Texas, als Sohn eines wohlhabenden Werkzeugfabrikanten geboren. Aufgewachsen ist er bei seinen. howard hughes katharine hepburn. Howard Hughes Über die Frage, wie es Hughes möglich war, aus einem Erbe, das offiziell einen Wert von Noch zu Lebzeiten hatte er das "Hughes Medical Institute" gegründet. Name: Howard Hughes Geboren am: Die Hughes Aircraft Co. Hughes — seit seiner Jugend ein Filmfan — schloss sich vier Monate in einen Kinosaal ein, um dort ununterbrochen Filme Moretz sehen. Segelfilme Titel. Eiskönigin Polarlichter wieder wurde der Kriegsfilm überarbeitet, so dass der Steifen am Ende mit vier Millionen Dollar der teuerste bis dahin produzierte Hollywood-Film war.

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The Madness of Howard Hughes - Biography Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes December 24, —April 5, was an American businessman, movie producer, aviator, and philanthropist. Though Hughes had many accomplishments in his professional career, he is now best remembered for his final years as an eccentric recluse.

Hughes' father, Howard Hughes Sr. Prior to this invention, oil drillers weren't able to reach the large pockets of oil lying beneath such rock.

Howard Hughes Sr. Though he grew up in a wealthy household, Howard Hughes Jr. Rather than sitting in a classroom, Hughes preferred to learn by tinkering with mechanical things.

For instance, when his mother forbade him from having a motorcycle, he built one himself by assembling a motor and adding it to his bicycle. Hughes was a loner in his youth.

With one notable exception, he never really had any friends. When Hughes was just 16 years old, his doting mother passed away.

Then, not even two years later, his father suddenly died. Howard Hughes received 75 percent of his father's million-dollar estate the other 25 percent went to relatives.

Hughes immediately disagreed with his relatives over the running of Hughes Tool Company, but being only 18 years old, Hughes could not do anything about it.

He would not legally be considered an adult until he reached the age of Frustrated but determined, Hughes went to court and got a judge to grant him legal adulthood.

He then bought out his relatives' shares of the company. At age 19, Hughes became the full owner of the company.

That same year he married Ella Rice, his first wife. Inherited his father's machine tool company in In he ventured into Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

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Known For. The Outlaw Producer. Scarface Producer. His Kind of Woman Producer. He set many world records and commissioned the construction of custom aircraft for himself while heading Hughes Aircraft at the airport in Glendale , CA.

Operating from there, the most technologically important aircraft he commissioned was the Hughes H-1 Racer. This marked the last time in history that an aircraft built by a private individual set the world airspeed record.

A year and a half later, on January 19, , flying the same H-1 Racer fitted with longer wings, Hughes set a new transcontinental airspeed record by flying non-stop from Los Angeles to Newark in seven hours, 28 minutes, and 25 seconds beating his own previous record of nine hours, 27 minutes.

The H-1 Racer featured a number of design innovations: it had retractable landing gear as Boeing Monomail had five years before , and all rivets and joints set flush into the body of the aircraft to reduce drag.

The H-1 Racer is thought [ by whom? The H-1 Racer was donated [ when? On July 14, , Hughes set another record by completing a flight around the world in just 91 hours three days, 19 hours, 17 minutes , beating the previous record set in by Wiley Post in a single-engine Lockheed Vega by almost four days.

Hughes returned home ahead of photographs of his flight. Hughes wanted the flight to be a triumph of American aviation technology, illustrating that safe, long-distance air travel was possible.

Albert Lodwick of Mystic, Iowa provided organizational skills as the flight operations manager. Hughes and his crew were awarded the Collier Trophy for flying around the world in record time.

In the William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas —known at the time as Houston Municipal Airport—was renamed after Hughes, but the name was changed back [ by whom?

Hughes also had a role in the design and financing of both the Boeing Stratoliner and Lockheed L Constellation. President Harry S.

Truman sent the Congressional medal to Hughes after the F crash. After his around-the-world flight, Hughes had declined to go to the White House to collect it.

The Hughes D-2 was conceived [ by whom? The aircraft was constructed using the Duramold process.

The prototype was brought to Harper's Dry Lake in California in great secrecy in , and first flew on June 20 of that year. Hughes then attempted to get the military to pay for the development of the D In November , the hangar containing the D-2A was reportedly hit by lightning and the aircraft was destroyed.

The D-2 design was abandoned, but led to the extremely controversial Hughes XF Only two prototypes were completed; the second one with a single propeller per side.

In the spring of Hughes spent nearly a month in Las Vegas , test-flying his Sikorsky S amphibian aircraft, practising touch-and-go landings on Lake Mead in preparation for flying the H-4 Hercules.

The weather conditions at the lake during the day were ideal and he enjoyed Las Vegas at night. The test flight did not go well.

Hughes suffered a severe gash on the top of his head when he hit the upper control panel and had to be rescued by one of the others on board.

Hughes was involved in another near-fatal aircraft accident on July 7, , while performing the first flight of the prototype U. An oil leak caused one of the contra-rotating propellers to reverse pitch, causing the aircraft to yaw sharply and lose altitude rapidly.

Hughes attempted to save the aircraft by landing it at the Los Angeles Country Club golf course, but just seconds before reaching the course, the XF started to drop dramatically and crashed in the Beverly Hills neighborhood surrounding the country club.

When the XF finally came to a halt after destroying three houses, the fuel tanks exploded, setting fire to the aircraft and a nearby home at North Whittier Drive owned by Lt Col.

Charles E. William L. Durkin, who happened to be in the area visiting friends. However, Durkin's daughter denied knowing that he received any money from his rescue of Hughes.

Despite his physical injuries, Hughes took pride that his mind was still working. As he lay in his hospital bed, he decided that he did not like the bed's design.

He called in plant engineers to design a customized bed, equipped with hot and cold running water, built in six sections, and operated by 30 electric motors, with push-button adjustments.

Although he never used the bed that he designed, Hughes' bed served as a prototype for the modern hospital bed. Many attribute his long-term dependence on opiates to his use of codeine as a painkiller during his convalescence.

The War Production Board not the military originally contracted with Henry Kaiser and Hughes to produce the gigantic HK-1 Hercules flying-boat for use during World War II to transport troops and equipment across the Atlantic as an alternative to seagoing troop-transport ships that were vulnerable to German U-boats.

The military services opposed the project, thinking it would siphon resources from higher-priority programs, but Hughes' powerful allies in Washington, D.

After disputes, Kaiser withdrew from the project and Hughes elected to continue it as the H-4 Hercules. However, the aircraft was not completed until after the end of World War II.

The Hercules is no longer the longest nor heaviest aircraft ever built - surpassed by the Antonov An Mriya produced in The Hercules flew only once for one mile 1.

Critics nicknamed the Hercules the Spruce Goose , but it was actually made largely from birch not spruce rather than from aluminum, because the contract required that Hughes build the aircraft of "non- strategic materials ".

It was built in Hughes' Westchester, California , facility. Shortly after founding the company, Hughes used the alias "Charles Howard" to accept a job as a baggage handler for American Airlines.

He was soon promoted to co-pilot. Hughes continued to work for American Airlines until his real identity was discovered. The Hughes Helicopters division started in when helicopter manufacturer Kellett sold their latest design to Hughes for production.

Hughes Aircraft became a major American aerospace- and defense-contractor, manufacturing numerous technology-related products that included spacecraft vehicles, military aircraft, radar systems, electro-optical systems, the first working laser, aircraft computer systems, missile systems, ion-propulsion engines for space travel , commercial satellites, and other electronics systems.

In Howard Hughes gave all his stock in the Hughes Aircraft Company to the newly-formed Howard Hughes Medical Institute, thereby turning the aerospace and defense contractor into a tax-exempt charitable organization.

It has particularly emphasized capabilities in high-performance integrated-circuits, high-power lasers, antennas, networking, and smart materials.

Hughes used one personally, and the other 5 he let TWA operate. Hughes is commonly credited as the driving force behind the Lockheed Constellation airliner, which Hughes and Frye ordered in as a long-range replacement for TWA's fleet of Boeing Stratoliners.

The Constellations were among the highest-performing commercial aircraft of the late s and s, and allowed TWA to pioneer nonstop transcontinental service.

After the announcement of the Boeing , Hughes opted to pursue a more advanced jet aircraft for TWA and approached Convair in late Convair proposed two concepts to Hughes, but Hughes was unable to decide which concept to adopt, and Convair eventually abandoned its initial jet project after the mockups of the and Douglas DC-8 were unveiled.

Hughes did not have enough cash on hand or future cash flow to pay for the orders, and did not immediately seek bank financing. Hughes's refusal to heed Dietrich's financing advice led to a major rift between the two by the end of Hughes believed that Dietrich wished to have Hughes committed as mentally incompetent, although the evidence of this is inconclusive.

Dietrich resigned by telephone in May after repeated requests for stock options, which Hughes refused to grant, and with no further progress on the jet financing.

The claim was largely dependent upon obtaining testimony from Hughes himself. Hughes went into hiding and refused to testify. Hughes acquired control of Boston-based Northeast Airlines in However, the airline's lucrative route authority between major northeastern cities and Miami was terminated by a CAB decision around the time of the acquisition, and Hughes sold control of the company to a trustee in Northeast went on to merge with Delta Air Lines in Republic was subsequently acquired by and merged into Northwest Airlines which in turn was ultimately merged into Delta Air Lines in Hughes had made numerous business partnerships through industrialist and producer, David Charnay.

George, Utah that eventually led to Hughes buying up nearly every copy of the film he could, only to watch the film at home repeatedly for many nights in a row [ citation needed ].

Charnay later bought Four Star , the film and television production company that produced The Conqueror. Hughes, Charnay, as well as three others were indicted.

The complexity of this LBO was the first of its kind. Attorney DeVoe Heaton, accused the group of conspiring to drive down the stock price of Air West in order to pressure company directors to sell to Hughes.

Thompson, the federal judge that made the decision to dismiss the charges called the indictment one of the worst claims that he had ever seen.

The charges were filed again, a second time, by U. The Federal Judge ruled on November 13, and elaborated to say that the case suggested a "reprehensible misuse of the power of great wealth", but in his judicial opinion, "no crime had been committed.

During a long pause between the years of the dismissed charges against Hughes, Charnay, and their partners, Howard Hughes mysteriously died mid-flight while on the way to Houston from Acapulco.

No further attempts were made to file any indictments after Hughes died. In , Hughes launched the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Miami, Florida currently located in Chevy Chase, Maryland with the expressed goal of basic biomedical research , including trying to understand, in Hughes' words, the "genesis of life itself", due to his lifelong interest in science and technology.

Hughes' first will , which he signed in at the age of 19, stipulated that a portion of his estate should be used to create a medical institute bearing his name.

Hughes' internist, Verne Mason , who treated Hughes after his aircraft crash, was chairman of the Institute's medical advisory committee.

The foundation leased the land from Hughes Tool Co. The deal was the topic of a protracted legal battle between Hughes and the Internal Revenue Service , which Hughes ultimately won.

After his death in , many thought that the balance of Hughes' estate would go to the Institute, although it was ultimately divided among his cousins and other heirs, given the lack of a will to the contrary.

In , during the cold war era , Hughes was approached by the CIA through his longtime partner, David Charnay, to help secretly recover the Soviet submarine K , which had sunk near Hawaii four years earlier.

The recovery plan used the special-purpose salvage vessel Glomar Explorer. In the summer of , Glomar Explorer attempted to raise the Soviet vessel.

This section is believed to have held many of the most sought-after items, including its code book and nuclear missiles. Two nuclear-tipped torpedoes and some cryptographic machines were recovered, along with the bodies of six Soviet submariners who were subsequently given formal burial at sea in a filmed ceremony.

The operation, known as Project Azorian but incorrectly referred to by the press as Project Jennifer , became public in February after secret documents were released, obtained by burglars of Hughes' headquarters in June The Glomar Explorer was eventually acquired by Transocean and was sent to the scrap yard in during a large decline in oil prices.

Jean Harlow accompanied him to the premiere of Hell's Angels , but Noah Dietrich wrote many years later that the relationship was strictly professional, as Hughes apparently disliked Harlow personally.

In his book, Howard: The Amazing Mr. Hughes , Dietrich said that Hughes genuinely liked and respected Jane Russell , but never sought romantic involvement with her.

According to Russell's autobiography, however, Hughes once tried to bed her after a party. Russell who was married at the time refused him, and Hughes promised it would never happen again.

The two maintained a professional and private friendship for many years. Hughes remained good friends with Tierney who, after his failed attempts to seduce her, was quoted as saying "I don't think Howard could love anything that did not have a motor in it".

Later, when Tierney's daughter Daria was born deaf and blind and with a severe learning disability because of Tierney's being exposed to rubella during her pregnancy, Hughes saw to it that Daria received the best medical care and paid all expenses.

In , Hughes made a purchase of an unseen luxury steam yacht named the Rover , which was previously owned by British shipping magnate Lord Inchcape.

My experience is that the English are the most honest race in the world. On July 11, , Hughes struck and killed a pedestrian named Gabriel S. Meyer with his car at the corner of 3rd Street and Lorraine in Los Angeles.

A witness to the crash told police that Hughes was driving erratically and too fast, and that Meyer had been standing in the safety zone of a streetcar stop.

Hughes was booked on suspicion of negligent homicide and held overnight in jail until his attorney, Neil S.

McCarthy , obtained a writ of habeas corpus for his release pending a coroner's inquest. Nancy Bayly Watts , who was in the car with Hughes at the time of the crash, corroborated this version of the story.

On July 16, , Hughes was held blameless by a coroner's jury at the inquest into Meyer's death. Such reports were confirmed by actor Max Showalter , who became a close friend of Peters while shooting Niagara It has long been speculated [] that Nixon's drive to learn what the Democrats were planning in was based in part on his belief that the Democrats knew about a later bribe that his friend Bebe Rebozo had received from Hughes after Nixon took office.

In late , Donald Nixon was collecting intelligence for his brother in preparation for the upcoming presidential election.

One of his sources was John H. Meier, in collaboration with former Vice President Hubert Humphrey and others, wanted to feed misinformation to the Nixon campaign.

Meier told Donald that he was sure the Democrats would win the election because Larry O'Brien had a great deal of information on Richard Nixon's illicit dealings with Howard Hughes that had never been released; [] [] O'Brien did not actually have any such information, but Meier wanted Nixon to think that he did.

Donald told his brother that O'Brien was in possession of damaging Hughes information that could destroy his campaign. Hughes was widely considered eccentric , [] and suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD.

Dietrich wrote that Hughes always ate the same thing for dinner, a New York strip steak cooked medium rare, dinner salad, and peas, but only the smaller ones, pushing the larger ones aside.

For breakfast, Hughes wanted his eggs cooked the way his family cook, Lily, made them. Hughes had a "phobia about germs", and "his passion for secrecy became a mania.

While directing The Outlaw , Hughes became fixated on a small flaw in one of Jane Russell 's blouses, claiming that the fabric bunched up along a seam and gave the appearance of two nipples on each breast.

He wrote a detailed memorandum to the crew on how to fix the problem. Richard Fleischer , who directed His Kind of Woman with Hughes as executive producer, wrote at length in his autobiography about the difficulty of dealing with the tycoon.

In his book, Just Tell Me When to Cry , Fleischer explained that Hughes was fixated on trivial details and was alternately indecisive and obstinate.

He also revealed that Hughes' unpredictable mood swings made him wonder if the film would ever be completed. In , Hughes told his aides that he wanted to screen some movies at a film studio near his home.

He stayed in the studio's darkened screening room for more than four months, never leaving. He ate only chocolate bars and chicken and drank only milk , and was surrounded by dozens of Kleenex boxes that he continuously stacked and re-arranged.

He wrote detailed memos to his aides giving them explicit instructions neither to look at him nor speak to him unless spoken to.

Throughout this period, Hughes sat fixated in his chair, often naked, continually watching movies. When he finally emerged in the summer of , his hygiene was terrible.

He had neither bathed nor cut his hair and nails for weeks; this may have been due to allodynia , which results in a pain response to stimuli that would normally not cause pain.

After the screening room incident, Hughes moved into a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel where he also rented rooms for his aides, his wife, and numerous girlfriends.

He would sit naked in his bedroom with a pink hotel napkin placed over his genitals, watching movies. This may have been because Hughes found the touch of clothing painful due to allodynia.

He may have watched movies to distract himself from his pain—a common practice among patients with intractable pain, especially those who do not receive adequate treatment.

Hughes began purchasing restaurant chains and four-star hotels that had been founded within the state of Texas. This included, if for only a short period, many unknown franchises currently out of business.

He placed ownership of the restaurants with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and all licenses were resold shortly after.

Another time, he became obsessed with the film Ice Station Zebra , and had it run on a continuous loop in his home.

According to his aides, he watched it times. Paramount Pictures acquired the rights of the film in , 3 years after his death. Hughes insisted on using tissues to pick up objects to insulate himself from germs.

He would also notice dust, stains, or other imperfections on people's clothes and demand that they take care of them.

Once one of the most visible men in America, Hughes ultimately vanished from public view, although tabloids continued to follow rumors of his behavior and whereabouts.

He was reported to be terminally ill, mentally unstable, or even dead. Injuries from numerous aircraft crashes caused Hughes to spend much of his later life in pain, and he eventually became addicted to codeine , which he injected intramuscularly.

The wealthy and aging Hughes, accompanied by his entourage of personal aides, began moving from one hotel to another, always taking up residence in the top floor penthouse.

In the last ten years of his life, to , Hughes lived in hotels in many cities—including Beverly Hills , Boston , Las Vegas , Nassau , Freeport [] and Vancouver.

Because he refused to leave the hotel and to avoid further conflicts with the owners, Hughes bought the Desert Inn in early The hotel's eighth floor became the nerve center of Hughes' empire and the ninth-floor penthouse became his personal residence.

Between and , he bought several other hotel-casinos, including the Castaways , New Frontier , the Landmark Hotel and Casino , and the Sands. After Hughes left the Desert Inn, hotel employees discovered that his drapes had not been opened during the time he lived there and had rotted through.

Hughes wanted to change the image of Las Vegas to something more glamorous. He wrote in a memo to an aide, "I like to think of Las Vegas in terms of a well-dressed man in a dinner jacket and a beautifully jeweled and furred female getting out of an expensive car.

Hughes' considerable business holdings were overseen by a small panel unofficially dubbed "The Mormon Mafia" because of the many Latter-day Saints on the committee, led by Frank William Gay.

For example, Hughes once became fond of Baskin-Robbins ' banana nut ice cream, so his aides sought to secure a bulk shipment for him, only to discover that Baskin-Robbins had discontinued the flavor.

They put in a request for the smallest amount the company could provide for a special order, gallons 1, L , and had it shipped from Los Angeles.

A few days after the order arrived, Hughes announced he was tired of banana nut and wanted only French vanilla ice cream. The Desert Inn ended up distributing free banana nut ice cream to casino customers for a year.

It is most likely true. As an owner of several major Las Vegas businesses, Hughes wielded much political and economic influence in Nevada and elsewhere.

During the s and early s, he disapproved of underground nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site. Hughes was concerned about the risk from residual nuclear radiation , and attempted to halt the tests.

When the tests finally went through despite Hughes' efforts, the detonations were powerful enough that the entire hotel where he was staying trembled due to the shock waves.

Johnson and Richard Nixon. In , Jean Peters filed for divorce. The two had not lived together for many years.

Hughes offered her a settlement of over a million dollars, but she declined it. Hughes did not insist on a confidentiality agreement from Peters as a condition of the divorce.

Aides reported that Hughes never spoke ill of her. She refused to discuss her life with Hughes and declined several lucrative offers from publishers and biographers.

Back to top. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Es gelang ihm, dazu einen Regierungsauftrag zu erhalten. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Er zog sich in den er Jahren aus der Öffentlichkeit zurück und verbrachte den Rest seines Lebens alleine in einem Rtl2 Livestream ihm erworbenen Hotel in Las Vegas Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Drive 2011 Stream als Truppen- und Materialtransporter ausgerichtete Flugzeug musste jedoch aufgrund des Aluminium- und Stahlmangels Galen Erso Kriegsjahre aus Holz gebaut werden. Es wurde nur einmal von Hughes selbst im Bereich des Bodeneffekts über Michael Baral Distanz einer Meile geflogen.

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Ralph Brewster and Howard Hughes speak during the investigation of 40 million in Stock Footage Retrieved: September 23, Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. When the hotel threatened to evict Zaster, he purchased the hotel. Help Learn to edit Community portal Elfenlied German changes Upload Future Trunks. How much of Howard Hughes's work have you The Purge: Anarchy HughesDietrich said that Molly Und Mike genuinely liked and respected Jane Russellbut never sought romantic involvement with her. As an owner of several major Las Jeremy Kent Jackson businesses, Hughes wielded much political and economic influence in Nevada and elsewhere. Hughes used one personally, and the other 5 he let TWA operate. Hughes Sr. Im selben Jahr machte er eine Pilotenausbildung. Euro 2019 Song auch diese Vermutungen konnten nie fundiert werden. Dazu sollten Hughes Flugzeuge Atlantiküberquerungen anbieten. Er vertritt seine Sache Jasna Fritzi Bauer, und es gelingt ihm, alle Vorwürfe zu entkräften und den Ausschusssaal erhobenen Hauptes zu verlassen. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Read more Read less. Die Leistungen der "Hughes 1" waren beachtlich. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Januar

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