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Leonardo da vinci alien abduction

In a bizarre video posted online, the group 'reveals' the hidden life form and identifies alleged facial features, a headdress, a cloak and hands.
In 2010 art historians said they discovered tiny numbers and letters painted into the eyes of the artist's enigmatic Mona Lisa painting, that could have been a code.
Scott C Waring, an alien conspiracy theorist who runs the UFO Sightings Daily website, went on to claim Da Vinci was a member of the outer-world species himself.
Da Vinci, along with a number of other Renaissance painters, have "Unknown Flying Discs" in their paintings, suggesting alien visits during this time period.
Ancient Aliens title-writers, his name was Leonardo.He enjoyed sketching out his "inventions" and was a perfectionist.Getty, leonardo Da Vinci.He understood symmetry in the human body (foot as long as your forearm).Paranormal conspiracy theorists claim Leonardo Da Vinci was hiding the existence of alien life - and the 'proof' can be found in the Mona Lisa.Well never know what they might have discussed about extraterrestrial civilizations.Ancient Aliens recognizes that the Renaissance was chock-a-block with geniuses and that not all of them could be extraterrestrial pupils.

He wrote: "The likelihood of Leonardo Da Vinci being an alien or half-breed is very high.
A computer generated voice says: "Many theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work.
The show then wonders if Leonardos sconto adidas mastercard grotesquesa well-known Renaissance genreproves he had met real aliens because no one could possibly have made weird images without meeting aliens.
It doesnt seem like a fair trade, to be honest.We then get a review of the best-of-list of UFO Renaissance artwork, primarily paintings of heavenly crowns and angelic chariots.It goes on to describe how you can make out the being's facial features, headdress, cloak and its hands.This is what we have come down to?He was a very curious artist that wanted to know how things worked, and was a genius that had ideas and plans for everything from aircraft (helicopter) to anatomy to war vehicles."He had very high intellectual ability, extraordinary creative range, and used them to accomplish quite a bit.He also wrote in mirror image.More exciting: Leonardo used non-lead-based paint in one paintingwhich was some type of message according to Giorgio Tsoukalos.He also had amazing artistic talents.