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Da vinci code movie plot summary

Silas is willing to vince camuto shoes dillards do whatever it takes to recover the keystone, even killing innocent passersby.
Instead, they follow its instructions to the Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh, Scotland.
This leads them to Newton's tomb at Westminster Abbey.
Leigh Teabing turns out to be an enthusiastic seeker of the Holy Grail, which he believes is not actually a cup sangreal" as in Holy Grail) but instead Mary Magdalene sang real" as in Royal Bloodline who was driven away because Jesus's followers didn't want.
After Teabing is arrested, it is revealed that Langdon had cracked the code and removed the clue from the cryptex before throwing.Dan Brown writes that the Priory of Sion is a real organization, and herein lies the problem, as it is widely recognized as a hoax established in 1956 by a man named Pierre Plantard.They believe that she was married to Jesus Christ, and that together they had children.Opus Dei is a secret group within the Catholic Church that was working against the Priory of Scion.In a secret, underground chamber, Langdon notices how the clue precisely describes this chamber, but the center of the room is empty, as if Magdalene's tomb has been removed.Proof that the Grail exists would ultimately reveal a devastating secret that would undermine the fundamental teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.) Silas demands the location of the Priory's clef de voûte or "keystone." Under threat of death, Saunière finally confesses that the keystone.He follows the Rose Line and, realizing that the clue from the cryptex also fits this new location, he determines that the location of the Holy Grail is buried under the pyramid in the Louvre.They manage to get to Versailles, where Langdons friend Sir Leigh Teabing lives.As Sophie wonders if her secret should be revealed to the world despite the disappearance of Magdalene's remains (whereby DNA testing could have proven that Sophie is indeed a descendant Langdon philosophizes that, if given a chance, would you rather destroy faith.

Robert Langdon, a respected historian, finds himself the target of a murder investigation when a colleague is found shot to death in the Louvre.
Teabing catches it, but drops it, and it hits the ground.
They overpower him, gag him, and flee France in a private jet that flies them to London.
Professionally, he was a curator at the Louvre in Paris, France, but he guarded a powerful secret.
Searching near that painting, they find another encrypted message, So dark the con of man, that turns out to be an anagram for i/Madonna of the Rocks, another da Vinci painting found at the Louvre.Jacques Saunière was believed to be a part of this society and Teabing suspects that he was training Sophie to join it also.That man is Robert Langdon, a professor who teaches symbology at Harvard University.Eventually, they come to a sudden stop and Vernet forces them at gunpoint to give him the cryptex.As Langdon and Sophie part ways, Sophie sets foot in a pond in an attempt to walk on water.The message, which had to be read using a mirror, refers to "a knight a pope interred." Having barely slipped away from the London police (who were tipped by the French that fugitives were on board Teabing's private jet Langdon and Sophie forego a visit.Langdon determines that the pentacle drawn on the stomach and the way the body was posed was similar to Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of the "Vitruvian Man." A cryptic message, written in blood, is found next to the body.The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.In his grief, Silas dies in police-assisted suicide and Aringarosa is taken to the hospital, as well as being arrested by Fache for betraying him.

Remy and Silas attack the other three and escape with both the keystone and Teabing, thinking that Teabings knowledge will carry them to the Grail.
Sophie, Langdon, and Teabing think theyre safe in London, and discuss the keystone and the Grail while Teabings butler, Remy, sets Silas free.