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Da vinci code cryptex riddle

Lockdown (271A) - designed and borsa per cani di piccola taglia made by Stewart Coffin exchanged at IPP35 by Rob Jones Build a pyramid from the three pieces, within the tray - no force required.
I was featured as a guest on wnpr radio's Colin McEnroe show about puzzles, on January 27th of 2015.
The Da Vinci Code location: Silas is hidden at the Opus Dei safe house: Gloucester Terrace, London The slightly sinister Opus Dei safe house, with its bricked-up windows to which Silas is taken, has no connection, of course, with the organisation.
(26 players) Future games: AI9, The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun livingston (Games: 3) Escape Livingston, Livingston EH54 6QF.One game: Going for Gold: Have you got what it takes to foil these doping fraudsters?Cubemaker - designed by Volker Latussek, made by Pelikan Exchange puzzle of Marty Reis, entered in the Design Competition Arrange the five pieces so that you form five dark cubes.Two games: The Chocolate Factory: Find all the ingredients and fix the machine before the stock runs out.(26 players) The Quest to Save Camelot: Save the code of chivalry by repairing the damage caused by the Sniglets!Cornucopia - designed by Peter Gal Thanks, Peter!

(38 players) Save Christmas: Help the Elves save Christmas (38 players) Roomsmiths, Plymouth PL1 3NY.
(26 players) Kidnapped: Is this still a game or is it reality?
Reviews: Trapped (Prison Van), London SE7 8NJ.
(26 players) doncaster (Games: 6) Enigma Rooms Doncaster, Doncaster DN1 3NR.Reviews: Butchers Lair: Escape from the doctors secret laboratory.Reviews: Mission Critical: Travel in time and space to London and Berlin of the 1980s and discover the double agent.A nice group of keychain twisty puzzles issued by RecentToys - including the Ultimate Skewb.(26 players) The Escapement, Margate CT9 2RJ.(26 players) east anglia (Games: 1) Puzzle Room, venues around East Anglia.I found an unusual version of the Spunky Dog - marked Made in Hong Kong in a circle on its head, and "WY.