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Benelli vinci price

A Revolutionary New Design.
Like the Ethos, the company set out to make the Benelli 828U unlike anything else on the market.
The 828U is built in and named after the famed renaissance city of Urbino, Italy, home to the Benelli factory.
The stock is designed so that the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil.The bolt head, which is fitted into keyways of the barrel similar to that of a смартфон htc s5201 цена bolt action rifle, remains locked and stationary at the moment the gun is fired.The 3-inch, 12-gauge Vinci shotgun beats all other semi-automatic shotguns with its reliability and lightning-fast performance.The steel locking plate, which enables Benelli to use an aluminum alloy receiver, reportedly withstood over 20,000 firings and 10 proof loads.Benelli Vinci: In Advantage, RealTree and Black Synthetic finishes.Dog Will Hunt, the gun was born and bred for the field, not as a status symbol, as Tom Kaleta, VP of marketing for Benelli USA reminded everyone the night before our hunt.I was incredulous, staring at it, having expected a shotgun closer in design to Benellis sister company, Berettas, masterful lines of over/unders but one that would please the Benelli brand lover with a few style cues and general toughness.Overall length :.75 /.75, weight :.8.9 lbs depending on model.Because the recoil is directed to the barrel assembly, the Benelli 828U can be built with that aluminum alloy receiver, which is one way that divine overall light weight is achieved (hinge pins are steel to ensure steel-on-steel lockup).

So is it a revolution?
After the first day, most hunters owned up to having an Im not sure this is a good idea moment at dawn prezzi samsung galaxy tab 4 when it was almost too cold to hold your gun as we hiked the brush and snow.
A stealth- like, matte black finish minimizes detection from waterfowl and other game animals.
Similar to the original Vinci, the Super Vinci dispenses with a conventional buttstock tube return spring.
Inertia Driven shotgun is faster.When mounting the gun, a beveled recoil pad fits nicely into the shoulder pocket.Five Crio- accurized chokes are also included with the package- C, IC, M, IM and.Great numbers of gorgeous plumed-out ringnecks flew from every field, but these super-spooky late-season birds mostly flushed far ahead of the dogs.The Benelli 828U is cocked when you push the thumb lever to open it up, which is another reason the receiver has such a nice, slim, low profile.Benelli is an Italian firearms manufacturer located in Urbino, Italy and is world famous for producing high quality hunting, military and law enforcement shotguns.